гастроном Jerusalem

A gastronom (Russian delicatessen) in central Jerusalem on a wintry December day. Even the street sign is in Russian. There is a very large Russian-speaking population in Israel, most of whom emigrated here after the break-up of the USSR in the early 1990s.


11 comments on “гастроном Jerusalem”

  1. Altho I know it snows in Jerusalem..it’s rare that you see a photograph of it. Love the colors and old-world feel.

  2. With the snow it could be Russia :} The deli looks like a fortress. The person walking by adds a current day and photographic aspect to a scene that could be from another century. Lovely treatment – it gives the image warmth.

  3. Beautiful processing, great photo and sorry about the rogue email!

  4. Looks very cold and not a very safe place.

  5. I like the atmosphere of the image – nice work

  6. Thank you again for giving me an image of your homeland, and a sense of involvement with the information you share. This image does portray the harsh, cold day. Very nicely done!

  7. Living here, in Israel, I could have never guessed this photo was taken here. There is a kind of cinematic quality to it, looks almost out of time.
    Superbly done, it’s fun to get back to my computer and seeing your photos :)

  8. Thanks for all the comments, everyone – really much appreciated :)

    This scene does look cold and Muscovite, although in reality Jerusalem has such a unique feel to it, and isn’t at all like Russia…(it doesn’t get nearly as cold, either!)

    Terry, that’s interesting – I wonder if you feel it looks unsafe because of the Cold War associations with cold + Russian??

  9. A wonderful photo with a very interesting rough gritty texture. Jerusalem sounds so very interesting. Must visit. It’s on my list.

  10. It looks timeless. And that is charming.

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