tel aviv parking

When you’ve lived in a city long enough, all you care about is the car parking. This is a mural at the entrance to a car park in South Tel Aviv. On working days the chair is used by the car park attendant. I hope he likes the chicken.


7 comments on “tel aviv parking”

  1. A violent backdrop for the chair and the eventual cars. Nice that you balanced the white chair with the chicken It is as if one sat there one would become a part of that “mural” The loud and stark treatment captures the “glare” so well. On an off subject – have you read any Robert Musil?

  2. Love the wall ‘art’!!! Just great!

  3. daina – I guess the car park attendant does become part of the mural when he sits there – it’s very unique. I haven’t read Robert Musil although I’ve heard of “The Man Without Qualities” – would you recommend it?

    Marcie – thanks, it’s a big feature of south Tel Aviv, which is not yet gentrified :)

  4. Intriging ! Violent ! Original !
    All with your contrasty “style” that I like :-)

  5. Cat – I love Musil!! Since Transparent Things is a book that means quite a bit to me our taste in literature might be similar or at least overlap – so I was wondering if you had read Musil and if so if you liked him. I don’t read anymore, but did read a lot in days gone by.

  6. What a great, urban frame :)

  7. I like your composition which has an air of gritty artistry as well as rough danger.

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