Everything is Half-Free

A giant disembodied hand holding an enormous red pepper on the outside wall of a huge discount supermarket in the industrial area of Holon, a Tel Aviv satellite town. The supermarket chain’s name literally translates as “Everything Inside is Half Free” – in Hebrew, the word supermarket, Kol-Bo, literally means “Everything Inside”. And “half free” or “quarter free” is a popular way to say “heavily discounted”, although just as in English, it’s literally meaningless as half of nothing is nothing at all. Interestingly enough, Holon, which is largely a working-class and lower-middle-class commuter town, is home to the world’s largest population of Samaritans, who still practice their own religion – which they believe is the true religion of the ancient Israelites, and according to which Mount Gerizim, near Nablus, is sacred, and not Jerusalem.


14 comments on “Everything is Half-Free”

  1. As usual very interesting background information – I am so glad you share that with us. The image works so well for me though because I do not connect it to any meaning. It could mean many, many things and that is its charm. It is almost humorous and nonsensical. I like the overlapping layers that unify it.

  2. Thanks for the background information. It’s as if I’m learning about Israel from the inside-out. The hand is very funny..almost ironic. Love the texture of the glass.

  3. I was almost sorry to read your explanation… Really :)
    I mean, without the text, the whole setting looks … Bizarre.
    Nicely done, wish I could see frames like this…

  4. Bizarre is good. Cool photo.

  5. Nice process and composition. interesting explanation.
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. in answer to your question, the place the picture was taken in is king George st. in Tel Aviv.

  6. brilliant…made me smile!

  7. Interesting processing … feels like the orginal picture is superimposed with a picture of water or something. Well done !
    (Moreover, interesting explanations).

  8. Made me smile big time, thanks for the background as well. I always find it interesting how different groups/religions believe themselves to be the ‘true’ religion. Mmmm a world without religion would be a peaceful place perhaps with space for us to love each other for what we are rather than what we believe.

  9. A fascinating insight.

  10. great concept 1/2 free, like how does one look at a bottle – 1/2 empty or 1/2 full… so much history in this basin, no?

  11. daina – thanks, you have an interesting perspective and made me think regarding the need or use of explaining pictures in words. and it is absurd – i wanted to express that :)

    Marcie – What an interesting expression/ idea – to learn about a place from the inside out!

    Ilan – Thanks, like daina you made me think about the use of such texts. Although, in reality, the supermarket is bizarre in inself – it’s like a real life abstract. :)

    Terry – bizarre can definitely be fun, that’s for sure!

    omer – תודה רבה – אני דווקא חשבתי שתמונתך היא מקינג ג’ורג’ אבל לא הייתי בטוחה.

    trotsky – glad to hear it :)

    pictalogue – thanks a lot, and glad you liked the explanations. I’m in a texture phase at the moment….

    terrorkitten – ah yes, religion. What you say is very true and I hope humanity can overcome its need to fight over trivialities.

    Jon – thanks a lot :)

    alek – I saw a car park yesterday that was offering “Quarter Free parking”. It does sound optimistic!

  12. I enjoy the cultural information and the notion of “half free”is fun to contemplate. I like your interesting old-film like processing which sets your image apart from the purely realistic. It’s like having a tour through Tel Aviv.

  13. […] the Bamba Baby is holding a packet of Bamba as he sits atop the Osem Factory in Holon (site of the supermarket with the giant disembodied hand holding the enormous pepper). Bamba is such a part of Israeli national culture that when Osem tried to diversify it and made a […]

  14. Eye catching advertisement for sure! Nicely found and photographed!

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