sea horses

Jaffa reminds me of Dublin (and how can one of the world’s most ancient seaports, a mixed-bag city on whose streets you can hear a babbling babel of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Yiddish, Ladino, English, insert language here, remind anyone of the laid-back Irish capital?). Horses, that’s how. Kids on horses. Kids grazing horses next to run-down apartment blocks. You’re sitting having a bowl of hummus in one of Jaffa’s innumerable hummus restaurants, watching the world fail to go by in the congealed mess of a mid-day traffic jam, and suddenly, as if two films have been spliced together, a horse gallops by half on the pavement, with three or four small boys clinging to its bare back. This picture is from the last beach in Tel Aviv or the first beach in Jaffa (the Ajami beach or the Aliyah beach, depending on your culture and context). Several Arabic lads were washing their horses in the sea, against a backdrop of Tel Aviv high rises. The horses didn’t seem to mind.


10 comments on “sea horses”

  1. really like what you’ve done with this, reminds me of a fresco

  2. Love the timeless effect. It almost looks as if it’s inscribed in clay.

  3. Oh this is beautiful….just beautiful

  4. Very lovely – like a faded transparency. Wonderful color combination – subtle and yet intense at the same time.

  5. if it weren’t for the tower blocks you may well wonder just how old this shot is. excellent work.

  6. Thanks so much for the comments, all much appreciated :)
    The “faded transparency” effect is along the lines of what I was after – I wanted to somehow show the two different worlds, the one of the teenage boys and their horses against the background of super-modern Tel Aviv.

  7. I would have never had a change to see anything like this without your post. This image is genuinely eye-catching. Great shot!

  8. Andrew, thanks a lot – I’m really glad that you liked it. And to be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever see anything like this either…it was quite something :)

  9. Wow how did I miss this one?!

    As usual, love the juxtapositions, the effects, truly communicates something real and complicated about that place.

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