the successful joining of dreams

I started seeing this poster all over the city. It’s advertising the new album of an Israeli born singer of Iranian descent, Hezi Fanian, who sings Farsi (Persian) pop songs. Even though Hezi never lived in Iran, apparently his command of Farsi is perfect. Israeli mainstream newspaper Yediot Ahronot (“Latest News”) describes him as “The successful joining of dreams originating from within his home and a distant homeland whilst incorporating the influences of the Eastern Mediterranean along with a welcome occasional electronic touch, provide the listener with an enjoyable compilation of songs that provide joy and yet touch the heart.”


7 comments on “the successful joining of dreams”

  1. I like this shot with it’s bold contrast and the human factor provided by the face surrounded by grafitti.

    But now I’m curious : did you listen to his music ? Is it good or is he only a “face” ? :-)

  2. I agree with pictologue – it is the first thing that struck me the face in the midst of concrete and graffiti and I like the b&w treatment of it. I too wonder if the story of this man is more interesting than the music?

  3. Nice contrast of blacks and whites..and thanks for the background information about the singer. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in Israel – I’m always interested in life there. Am enjoying your blog!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments :)

    pictalogue: actually, i did listen to his music, out of curiosity about what the “Greatest Iranian Hits” could be. You can listen to it here Mizrahit (Israeli “Eastern” style pop music in Hebrew and Arabic) isn’t usually my schtick but this is quite nice -and it’s in Persian so I can’t tell if the lyrics are bad or good.

    daina – I bet his story is interesting – and that of his parents, too, as they escaped from Iran to come here to Israel. It’s also interesting that he’s considered a leading artist in Persian-language music even though he’s from Israel, Jewish and Persian is his second language…

    Marcie – thanks, and how great that you’ve spent time here in Israel. I hope you enjoyed it here. It’s fantastic that you’re enjoying my blog – very flattering.

  5. i like this high contrast shot; the ad the graffitti…your site shows me more about everyday israel than you ever get to see on TV

  6. You have the eye for a perfect composition in an otherwise unlikely place. This doesn’t look like an ordinary street scene, you have given it life! You have brought the distant background into awareness. Nice highlight information about the singer too.

  7. Thanks, trotsky :) I’m glad you liked it – and it’s nice to be able to show an everyday Israel – it’s a really amazing place and has an incredibly diverse population, it’s a real mix, and quite unlike its portrayal on TV or in newspapers (pretty much like lots of places, I guess…)

    Andrew – thanks and I’m glad you liked it. There’s so much to see even on an average, everyday street, I think – we just have to find it.

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