Maine House, American Colony

The door of the Maine House, 10 Auerbach Street, Jaffa (Yafo) Israel. This house was originally the property of an American family named Wentworth, who emigrated to Eretz Israel around 1866. The house itself was actually pre-constructed in Maine (hence its name) and transported to Israel by ship, where it was re-constructed by the Wentworths. They and other American families created a tiny neighbourhood in Jaffa, which is still known as the American Colony. The house was abandoned sometime around WWII and restored in 2004 – actually using expertise from an Amish carpenter living in Israel who apparently knew about the original carpentry techniques. Today, the American Colony area is being reconstructed as part of the revitalisation of South Tel Aviv – and the Maine House is a museum.


5 comments on “Maine House, American Colony”

  1. Interesting information and wonderful chalk like colors as if created with pastels. I like the framing and the band with pink.

  2. beautiful shot….love that faded old photo feel.

  3. it’s a fascinating read and i love the faded colour here.

  4. Love the faded color and detail…and thanks for the informative commentary as to how a house from Maine landed itself in Jaffa. Such rich history!

  5. Thanks, everyone :)
    Israel is full of incredible human stories and this is just one of them. It must have been quite something to come to what was then a completely new settlement in a humid swamp outside an ancient port city and just rebuild a pre-fabricated house…

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