homeworld noise

A couple of tough-guy street cats hanging out in the late afternoon sun on a quiet Shabbat, on Uriel Acosta street in Florentin, South Tel Aviv. It’s a popular hang-out spot for cats as it’s the back entrance to a small store, and during the week the store’s owner feeds them.


7 comments on “homeworld noise”

  1. What caught my eye is the word noise. It is a quiet relaxed scene and even the word noise is quiet in parentheses. However your processing intimates harshness and suggests coldness. I like theses contrasts.

  2. i agree with the previous commenter; i like the harsh treatment of the processing, which i’m sure reflect the strong sunlight.

  3. Truly genius image! It captures the real feel of life on the street for stray cats. Neat to think about… my life and yours may be different based on where we live, but the stray cats I walk past probably have the same life as these you have photographed. I also love the color and high noise texture of this image!

  4. They seem quite quiet :)
    Love the way the colors of the surrounding seems to match and camouflage the cats. Nicely done!

  5. The photo seems to fit the life style of these two.. All cat’s the world over know how to relax. Even though tough looking, I bet they’re nice cats, and they appreciate the hand-outs from the store owner. :)

  6. A well balanced composition and a nice contrasty treatment make this picture a winner I think !
    Cats and Graffiti : so that’s the secret story of this blog ;-))))

  7. Daina – thanks! During the week, the street is actually very busy and there’s lots of street art/ graffiti – so seeing it on Shabbat with even the cats taking a rest was indeed a contrast…

    trotsky – yep, Tel Aviv in August is scorchingly hot and as a lot of buildings here are white, there’s harsh light reflected everywhere.

    Ilan – they were pretty chilled out. I think given enough time, Israel’s street cats will evolve to actually be camouflaged to their surroundings…

    Tom – thanks, and you are very right – cats have a great talent for kicking back and chilling out. Actually, there are loads of street cats in Israel and each group seems to have at least one local resident who feeds them and gives them water. There’s a local woman who even grooms “her” feral cat colony… :)

    pictalogue – merci! And I think that cats and graffiti are the story of Tel Aviv, as there’s plenty of both around… :)

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