Sartorial Elegance

The north of Florentin is filled with wholesale garment shops, many of which look like they’ve come directly from the early 1980s. This one caters for the traditional yet trendy man-about-town.


5 comments on “Sartorial Elegance”

  1. Those are “trendy” displays, and I love the color that creeps in here and there from the building itself, thanks to the perfect light! Nice street scene.

  2. yep, straight from the ’80s!! love the shot, there’s great colour in there.

  3. A composition of rectangles of various proportions suggests an abstract composition and the overall warmth gives the image even more unity. Terrific color, composition and mood.

  4. Andrew – thanks :) This whole area is filled with shops like this, they supply wholesale clothes to stores and I think they make the clothes right here too – it’s a very mixed area and always filled with crowds of buyers and sellers.

    trotsky – it does feel like going back in time, and I wonder who buys/wears the clothes as mainstream Israeli clothes stores are generally filled with similar fashions to the West…

    daina – thank you very much! It was actually taken in the late afternoon as the sun was just starting its downward journey, and the light was filled with warmth – Saturday (Shabbat) is the only time when these places are empty, too.

  5. feels like something out of an 80’s clothes catalogue here inn the UK..very cool shot, made me smile

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