Village near Beit-Lehem

A small village near Beit Lehem, viewed from the summit of Herodion, the ruin of one of Herod’s palaces.


8 comments on “Village near Beit-Lehem”

  1. Oh this is lovely! The gradations of color from strong to soft and the sprinkling of houses for punctuation create a beautiful image. Your processing gives it a feeling as of reading an ancient map. I like the overlay of the red earth color on the side…

  2. Looks like a full color shot from the 1950’s. It’s beautiful! With such great detail.

  3. Daina, Andrew: thanks for your comments! It was such an incredible view, and as the village looked like it hadn’t changed much in centuries – it was really part of the landscape – I wanted to give the picture an old-style look.

  4. Awesome! That almost looks like it was taken in Biblical times :)
    You really should share the way you process your photos, it looks amazing.

    I love your gallery. It’s almost like you see colors and then you add different elements around that main color. It’s really unique :)

  5. Love your processing. It reminds me of an ancient scroll found in an ancient ruin. Really wonderful!!!!

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments, much appreciated :)

  7. this has a wonderful aged feel to it…i doubt much has changed there for many, many years!!

  8. Thanks, Trotsky :) I don’t think much has changed either – it’s amazing (and beautiful) how these villages seem to blend in to the desert – although there are modern cars on the roads these days of course…there’s a really ancient feeling to the land.

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