bubble pipe

abstract of rusting, bubbling paint and a drainpipe in Jaffa.


7 comments on “bubble pipe”

  1. I see a cross !
    Is it an unconscious sign :-)

  2. Hmmm, pictalogue…I don’t know, maybe it’s like when people suddenly see pictures of religious figures in toasted sandwiches or potatoes and sell them on eBay for lots of money…

    …I see money here, not a cross :D

  3. Nice abstract! Love the colors of the rust. All I see is a rusted hinge?..but maybe I’m seeing things.

  4. Love the colors in this and their textures. I also see a cross simply because we are conditioned to pick out symbols that are familiar (culture dependent), yet someone from another culture would see nothing of the kind consciously or unconsciously. It would be wrong to presume the world shares one’s “context” and attribute our disposition to everyone. And yes, the superstitious will always be with us and just like any gullible folk will fall prey to exploitation anytime and in any culture and is not a quality belonging exclusively to only one.

  5. Marcie, thanks :) Glad you like it. The actual subject matter of the shot was an ancient drainpipe, so you can see a hinge. I liked how the paint was bubbling in the sun.

    Daina – you’re absolutely spot on about things being culture dependent. (There are lots of churches around Israel, though, because of the history and because there is a Christian population here, so people are pretty used to seeing crosses, but it’s ingrained in the culture as a symbol like in Christian countries). Around December time here, you often can hear Christmas tunes played as ring-tones on people’s cellphones. Lots of times,people just download the tunes because they like them, and don’t have a clue about the origin of the song at all. It’s cute.

    And there are plenty of superstitious people everywhere – e.g. here people hang garlic around to warn off the “evil eye”.

  6. Unearthly colors make this a very mysterious image. Nice artistic touch!

  7. You must have had fun doing this one. You have turned an ordinary drain pipe and surroundings into an intriguing piece of photographic art. Nice work, Cat.

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