sacred and profane

By: cat

Jul 31 2008

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Category: Israel, Urban Fragments, ישראל


Focal Length:34.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec



Shop in Akko (Acre), Israel, selling Christian religious statues, whilst washing hangs out overhead and two men play backgammon.


5 comments on “sacred and profane”

  1. I did not even notice the 2 men at first. They are so small compared to the statues. Wonderful image with so many contrasts. I love the tv dish in contrast with the religious icons and the statues of the “eternal heavenly” vs. the display of the transitory and earthly (which, in its way, is eternal and even heavenly :})

  2. If you like this kind of picture, you probably know the work of Martin Parr (otherwise google it). He’s made really cool pictures like yours, that contract real life with the tourist industry.

  3. So many things to look at and notice.. Like playing a game. My first impression, though, was those angles landed on earth just to let their wings dry out a bit :)
    Love it!

  4. This shot definitely holds the viewers interest, as you scan and rescan the scene to be sure not to miss anything. In spite of the busy scene below, my eyes were drawn to the doll in the top window. Exceptional image!

  5. Daina – Thanks! I was amused when I saw the TV dish, it really is a comic contrast – but very (post)modern. Just around the corner was another house with a huge dish, and a camel tied up in the yard :)

    pictalogue – I really like Martin Parr’s work – I saw a series he did of scenes from British life and they were brilliant – both a great insight into the culture and also visually witty. Maybe one day an exhibition of his work will come to Israel…

    Ilan – Thanks – maybe the angels stopped off here as tourists, and bought some of the fantastically tacky souvenirs on sale just down the street.

    Andrew – thanks very much, it is “busy”, I know – I was just amused by the scene and wanted to include everything…

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