Rise Up To Life

Abandoned building in the old settlement of Qalya, near the north of the Dead Sea. The beach remains – as does a ghost town of abandoned buildings and roads grown over with weeds – but present-day Kibbutz Qalya is now located next to Qumran.

The original Kibbutz Qalya was established during the British Mandate. The site was evacuated in 1948 after the massacre of Jews in Kfar Etzion – the residents fled by boat. The site was retaken in the Six Day War and the kibbutz’s residents lodged temporarily in the abandoned Jordanian military buildings – of which this is one. In 1974, they moved to the kibbutz’s new site.

The name Qalya was “reverse engineered” to create an acronym “Kam L’tikhiya Yam Ha-Mavet” (קם לתחייה ים המוות) – Rise Up To Life, Sea of Death.

The word painted on the building means “To The Beach”.


5 comments on “Rise Up To Life”

  1. It almost looks like a drawing- 2 dimensional, even the at the edge where one can see beyond it appears flat. The yellow and aqua are lovely and the black square centers it all. You framed it well – it is a very nice graphic.

  2. Thanks a lot, Daina – a very interesting comment (and a nice one too!)

  3. Ooooohhh…. I love it! Almost scary with that black hole in the middle, if you not reading the graffiti.
    After you read it (“Beach”)… How can that be scary? :)

    Nice work!

  4. Fantastic colors! A very interesting image along with your written history of this site. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Ilan and Andrew – thanks for your comments :)
    I agree that “Beach” removes a lot of the spookiness – the place itself is rather spooky, though, as it’s completely silent, but occasionally you glimpse people moving in the ruined buildings – I guess people squat there.

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