the climbing cat

By: cat

Jul 16 2008

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Category: Israel, Tel Aviv, ישראל, תל אביב


Focal Length:14.745mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


This feral cat lives on my street and is ingenious at climbing up walls and trees to find quiet and cool places to sit and sleep. His favourite summer place is on a ledge under an air conditioning unit.


5 comments on “the climbing cat”

  1. Lovely B&W – the patterns on the grate seem to have a similarity to the cat’s spots :}

  2. I agree. Nice image. I noticed that behind the cat near the right edge of the photo there is a pattern on the wall that has the form of a cat as well.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Daina and Stew. I like black and white photos a lot because of the patterns that you get – often accidently or by luck – undistracted by any colour.

    And the cat actually uses the grate to climb up the window :)

  4. I like the photos perspectives and angle. He looks like a nice cat. Kitty’s always find a nice quiet place to rest. :)

  5. Tom – thanks – Tel Aviv (in fact, the whole of Israel) is full of street cats, and lots of people take care of them, feeding them, organizing for them to be spayed/neutered etc. They’re quite ingenious at finding places to rest, or eat, or just hang out :)

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